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Daily Mail Letters Page, January 16th. 2007

The Mail published a letter from a Mr. Appleby, Broadstairs, Kent. Entitled. "A vote for unpaid MPs". In the past, I have asked the Mail if I can copy from their Letters Page and they have agreed. This is the Letter:-

"Writing in 1883 in the Strand Magazine, distinguished Parliamentary reporter Sir Henry Lucy touched on the question of paying MPs.
He said: "The House of Commons is unique in many ways. I believe the main foundation of the position it holds among the parliaments of the world is the condition of volunteered unremunerated service."

"In spite of the sneers from disappointed or flippant persons, a seat in the House of Commons remains one of the highest prizes of citizen life. There is no reason why any constituency desiring to do so may not return a member on the terms of paying him a salary. It is done in several cases, in two at least with the happiest results."

"It would be a different thing to throw the whole place open with standing advertisement for eligible Members at a salary. The horde of impecunious babblers and busybodies attracted by such a bait would trample down the class of man who compose the present House of Commons and who are, in various ways, in touch with all the multiform interests of the nation."

When we consider the number of greedy, self-seeking, ignorant and incompetent Members in today's over-paid House of Commons, who can say Sir Henry wasn't absolutely right?
And This Is Me, The Tax Axe

I believe I am right in saying that, "when all is gathered in" like a pair of Harvest Knickers, MPs
receive a Kings ransom of, £283.000 a year. Not bad for a bits-a-job, a bit of this and a bit of that, "no experience necessary."

I have said time and time again, "You do not have to pay Direct Taxation". And then once you have taken that power away from Westminster, you can remove other unfair Taxation. IHT, VAT, why continue paying that dopey lot in Brussels? It mostly gets stolen anyway. Then there is the Billions of "Aid Money". A total waste of hard earned Money, taken as Taxation from little old Ladies, some sitting at Cash Tills, to earn an extra crust because like my wife, years of paying Graduated Pension contributions and then at the end of the day when it is time to get her "returns", what is the Ultimate Insult from that bunch of "Tossers" who pretend to know what they are doing? Why, they give her, my wife, an extra 12pence a week. Is there anything more to say about Politics, Politicians, Taxation, the Welfare State, or can you find it possible to defend Westminster or Whitehall? Have done with the lot of them. Out of the six hundred plus, I could name only 50 to 100, that I liked and trusted.

If you are fed up to the teeth with your "lot" today, change it. Leave you contact details in a comment on this site and I will put together a system of payment for Employers and Employees that will require a 10% Income Tax and a 50Pence a week charge for the service of collection, but you will appoint the collectors, not me. Where you now pay about £300 to £400 in Tax on every £1000, and have just about £1000 Tax Allowance. With me, it will be £100 Tax on the first £1000, after a Tax Allowance of £20,000.

None of that nonsense about that be too much allowance, look at the cost of a mortgage and ask yourself who is responsible for that? It is not a case of how much the Politicians Want. It is a case of how much you are prepared to let them have. IT IS YOUR MONEY.

Now put your name on the comment section, you can always walk away if you change your mind. Unlike Politics, I Know it is your Money. Regards, ATF.

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